Ahmedabad, April 25 Twelve persons participating in gambling on Indian Premier League (IPL) matches – with foreign currency – were held in Ahmedabad after a raid at private house on Tuesday, police said.

As per Ahmedabad Crime Branch officials, the suspects were discovered engaging in online betting during the match between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore, utilising foreign currencies for their wagers.

Two additional suspects remain at large.

According to the FIR filed by the Ahmedabad Detection of Crime Branch, the police received a tip that led them to a bungalow in Chandkheda, where the accused had assembled and opened bank accounts under false names for the purpose of betting on IPL matches. Upon raiding the premises, authorities found 12 people lying on mattresses, using phones and laptops to watch the match, take notes, and place bets.

The suspects have been identified, and their electronic devices containing records of numerous transactions linked to various cricket matches and banks have been seized. Items confiscated during the raid include phones, laptops, and currencies worth Rs 4.84 lakh.

The two main suspects, Ravi Mali and Jeetu Mali, are still wanted by the police.

The arrested individuals face charges under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Prevention of Gambling Act, and the Information Technology (IT) Act.


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