Brock Purdy fantasy became a reality when the San Francisco 49ers chose him as their starting quarterback with the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Purdy recently remembered some of his memories during his rookie season in a show. 

Purdy gave it his all as a rookie quarterback because no other rookie quarterback had ever finished a postseason with more than 14 passes and no interceptions. Nevertheless, he was the lowest-drafted rookie quarterback to start and triumph in a playoff game.

Which memory of trash-talking did Brock Purdy recall during the program?

Some sweet and bitter incidents occurring while a player was on a team are inevitably remembered for a very long time. Recently on the “New Heights” podcast, the 49ers star shared one of his favorite instances of trash-talking from the NFL rookie season with Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce.

“It was the playoff game this year [against] the [Seattle] Seahawks,” he told. “I scrambled, I went left and I did a little stutter step, like a high-step. I got the first down, ran out of bounds. The Seahawks linebacker was cussing me out telling me, ‘Dude, you’re white. You can’t high-step me.’ Stuff like that.”

As a professional player, the quarterback always loves to pay attention to his play only. He prefers to demonstrate his value with his legs and arms rather than his mouth. 

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“When you step on the field, it’s time to ball,” he stated. “You don’t really have to run your mouth. Some guys do it, but for me it’s not who I am. I just like to do my job and win games.

Purdy asserts that, on occasion, being physically and verbally assaulted by others forges him into a stronger person because it forces him to be his most admirable inner self. During the regular season, in nine games, the 23-year-old completed 67.1% of his passes, had a 13-to-4 touchdown-to-interception ratio, and a passer rating of 107.3.

“Honestly, I like [trash talk] in a sense where you’re doing something right. They’re talking trash for a reason, trying to get in your head because you’re balling or you’re doing something right. I sort of take it. I laugh at a lot of them. I think it’s funny. It’s a good story to tell guys on the sideline. For the most part, it gives you something to play for.”

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BP entered the NFL to prove his worth, finishing with the second-highest rookie passer rating ever after finishing his college career with 8,937 passing yards and 107 touchdowns. He has complete faith in himself. So, using his skill, the veteran has just eliminated all potential negative reactions to him.

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