Do you ever wonder how children of famous athletes manage the input of their parents in the same sport they excelled at?

Three-time Grand Slam Champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Andy Murray’s five-year-old daughter Edie gave us a glimpse into what she thinks of her dad’s coaching of her tennis game.

Edie is the second of Murray and his wife Kim’s four children.

Murray, 35, posted Edie’s handwritten note that essentially fired him from any future coaching duties.

Edie’s Note To Her Dad

Edie wrote:

“Dear daddy, I’m not going to play tennis for a while. Lots of love.”

Just in case Dad did not get the hint, Edie drew a picture of herself holding a tennis racquet with a red X over it.

Grandma Judy Reacts To The Note

As if the note is not entertaining enough, Murray’s mother, tennis coach Judy Murray chimed in with her thoughts.

In addition to writing “Love This” in response to Eurosport’s tweet of the note, Murray also added a message directed at her son.

She said:

“Somebody needs the @Miss_Hits programme. Perfect fun starter tennis activities for girls 5-8.”

Judy is referring to her program, Miss Hits, which aims to develop a love of the game for girls between the ages of 5 and 8.

Andy is sandwiched between two generations of strong females telling him like it is, and fans could not love it more.

Tennis Is All In The Murray Family

Andy Murray Shares Daughter's Handwritten Note After He Coached Her Playing Tennis

Andy’s older brother Jamie Murray, 37, is also a successful tennis player.

Jamie is a doubles player who has won seven Grand Slam titles (two doubles and five mixed doubles).

Maybe Edie should consult with Grandma or Uncle Jamie for tennis coaching tips in the future.

Andy Murray Is A Miracle

The fact that tennis fans still get to see Andy Murray on the court competing is a miracle.

In addition to a back surgery earlier in his career, Murray had multiple hip surgeries including the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure he had in 2018 that allowed him to come back and play longer than he expected.

Murray is a fighter on and off the court which is the reason he has experienced such longevity.

But if Edie’s note is any indication, he may not follow in his mom’s footsteps as a coach after he decides to stop playing.

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