Chapter 359 of the popular Japanese manga Black Clover will be out soon, know more about the release date, time, raw scans, spoilers, and other details

In the previous chapter, Mereoleona applies her power of Hellfire Incarnate to regenerate her wounded limb. When Paladin Morris saw that they could use mana to restore their broken bodily parts, he was fascinated. Morris then shared information on the dead person that Lucius Zogratis had handed along to him. If you are also following the manga Black Clover and are excited about chapter 359, we have got you covered here.

Black Clover chapter 359 release date and time, manga spoilers, leaks, where to read online

Morris was able to use Operation Dismantle on the body to eliminate whatever he touched. Morris was aware that Mereoleona would ultimately lose the ability to fight. Even the Crimson Lion Magic Knights recognized that Mereoleona’s only chance of defeating Morris lay in melting him to a flame. Yet at that pace, her body was unlikely to be able to withstand the pressure for very long. Mereoleona persisted in her struggle, however, expecting to seize her opportunity when Morris would exhaust.

Fuegoleon battled the angels in other places while guarding the people. The Crimson Knights are offended by the fact that, although belonging to an exclusive group, they are incapable to do anything. Mereoloena, in the meantime, keeps torching Morris’ tentacles until her power runs out. Mereoleona strikes the decomposing bodies as they subside, which damages Morris’ tentacles.

Black Clover Chapter 359 release date and time

Sadly, the manga will take a long break for four weeks and the next release date of the popular manga  Black Clover Chapter 359 is May 21, 2023. You can read this chapter on the Manga Plus app, Viz Media, and on the official site of Black Clover manga. Chapter 359 will be available to read at 8.30 pm according to Pacific Time on Sunday.

  • British Summer Time: 04:00 PM 
  • Central European Summer Time: 05:00 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: 08:30 PM
  • Philippine Time: 11:00 PM

Spoilers for Chapter 359

The raw scan of Black Clover manga chapter 359 will be out by May 10, 2023. The conflict between Mereoleona Vermillion and Paladin Morris is likely to keep going in the next chapter of this manga. The next chapter may instead focus on any other battle that occurs on Judgement Day. The previous chapter described Mereoleona’s strategy for defeating Morris. She will burn herself to ashes if she fights much longer like this.

Fuegoleon or another Magic Knight should thus arrive shortly to help her. If not, the Clover Kingdom could lose more weapons for battle. Morris then began to recite Lucius’ philosophy, claiming that his master would establish everybody as an equal and not practice discrimination. Mereoleona, nevertheless, did not want to hear it and had planned a different action. With each assault, the flames of her power Hellfire Incarnate grow larger, engulfing the fire in a raging blaze. 

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