Over 45,000 fans attended the Colorado football spring game on Saturday, a sign of the overwhelming impact of new head coach Deion Sanders. Last year, just 1,800 fans attended, representing a 25x increase in 2023. Find out the numbers behind the Deion Sanders’ effect at Colorado.

The Deion Sanders effect is real and the Buffaloes got their first experience of Primetime on Saturday.

It’s only been five months since Colorado University signed superstar head coach Deion Sanders. After leading his former school Jackson State to a 27-6 record in three seasons, Jackson jumped at the opportunity to prove himself at a Power Five school.

Colorado went 1-11 last year but went all in on Coach Prime, giving him a $30 million deal.

Sanders’ impact was felt in Boulder right away. He brought with him seven transfers from Jackson State, including Travis Hunter and his sons Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders, giving fans hope that Buffs football might be relevant again in the near future.

Since Prime became head coach, Colorado merch sales have increased by 700 percent, season tickets have sold out and the school added 800,000 followers on its social media handles.

Most Fans At Colorado Spring Game in Program History

Coach Prime has already changed the dynamic of the Colorado football program.

Last year, less than 1,800 fans came out for Colorado’s spring game. In 2023, there were over 45,000 people that showed up to Folsom Field in nearly freezing temperatures to see the new Colorado Buffs on Saturday, the most in program history.

In fact, there were more fans that showed up on Saturday for the spring game than the last nine Colorado spring games combined, even with tickets given away. In 2023, seats were sold for a minimum of $10 to a sold-out crowd.

Coach Prime pulled out all the theatrics at Colorado’s spring game, wearing a cowboy hat and a T-shirt that said “I AIN’T HARD TO FIND”, along with a jacket with “PRIME” on it. Sanders was also mic’d up during the broadcast, took in-game interviews, and conducted the band.

Coach Prime was in such control that he seemed to have control of the volume of the crowd just by raising his hands.

Sanders’ Biggest Effect Will Be School’s Admissions

Already, it’s evident that Coach Prime has had an immense impact on Colorado football. However, his biggest impact might be seen in the school’s admissions. Known as the Flutie Effect, applications to a school tend to jump after a memorable sports moment happens or when a high-profile head coach is signed.

In 2017, Alabama’s enrollment increased by 60% after signing Nick Saban. Perhaps more importantly, Alabama added 10,000 out-of-state students that year.

Colorado went 1-11 last year and this is the most the program has ever spent on a head coach. If Sanders is able to replicate his success at Jackson State, a spike in applicants will follow, especially from out-of-state students, which is worth billions to the school. On average, out-of-state students pay 3x more in tuition.

If Colorado’s social media presence is any indication, the transformation in Boulder is already underway.

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