The Atlanta Falcons have been one of the busiest teams this offseason. They have been busy bolstering the defense and have many saying they could possibly win their respective division next season. However, Atlanta has now had to let go of a savvy veteran. It was announced on Friday, April 21st, that the team was moving from their veteran cornerback, Casey Hayward. While Hayward may not be the Pro-Bowl cornerback that he once was with the Chargers, he can still be effective in the right system. While this move may look questionable on paper, when you take a deeper dive, it makes sense why the Falcons made this tough decision.

Atlanta Falcons Release Casey Hayward

Atlanta’s Key Signings This Offseason 

As alluded to already, the Falcons have been one of the more surprising squads this offseason. They traded for Jeff Okudah from Detroit, signed safety, Jessie Bates, along with Mike Hughes. Atlanta also has one of the better current corners in the NFL in A.J. Terrell who played on the other side of Casey Hayward this past year. Not to mention, Atlanta also possesses a top-10 draft pick.

With all of this activity, it unfortunately pushed Hayward out of Atlanta’s long-term plans which make sense when you consider that Hayward is a 33 year old defensive back whose best days are most likely behind him. That is not to say the two-time Pro-Bowler cannot still contribute in the right environment, but he was not going to be a staple in the Atlanta Falcons’ future. Most likely, Casey Hayward will find a team who can use his services this upcoming season, especially when one takes a look at his impressive NFL resume.

Casey Hayward’s Career

Casey Hayward was once considered one of the premier defensive backs in the league and for good reason. For his career, Hayward has 104 pass deflections, 23 interceptions, and 391 total tackles. When he was in his prime, arguably his Chargers tenure, Hayward recorded 14 picks to go along with 66 pass deflections in 75 games started. Not to mention, he also had four tackles for a loss during this time and two fumble recoveries.

During his first four years of his career with the Green Bay Packers, the former Pro-Bowl corner recorded nine interceptions, 34 pass deflections, and 168 combined tackles. Hayward had a down year this past season as age is certainly catching up with him. However, with his reputation and resume, there will most definitely be a team in need of a veteran presence in the locker room who will find good use for Casey Hayward.


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