Following yet another draw at the 2023 FIDE World Chess Championship, Ian Nepomniachtchi inched closer towards victory, we examine the results, score, game 10 date, schedule, venue, prize money, & streaming details

Although Ding struggled during Game 9 of the FIDE World Chess Championship against Ian Nepomniachtchi, his tenacious moves allowed him to avoid defeat. Ultimately, the players settled for a draw after 82-move match that spanned across six hours.

FIDE World Chess Championship 2023 game 10 schedule, game 9 results today, date, time, score, standings and live stream telecast

2023 FIDE World Chess Championship Round 9 result, match events, Round 10 schedule, date, time, venue, & format

Both challengers, who each had motivation to take half a point from the round, welcomed a draw in the ninth round of the 2023 FIDE World Chess Championship on Friday. After successfully responding to GM Ding Liren’s Ruy Lopez Opening: Berlin Defense, GM Ian Nepomniachtchi reached within two and half points of the winning line. After several difficult days, Ding was relieved to hold with black in a drawn-out knight and pawn endgame down a piece, allaying any worries about his mental health and keeping himself within striking distance of Nepomniachtchi.

Ian Nepomniachtchi suddenly whipped up a powerful attack midway through Game 9 of the FIDE World Championship match, but Ding Liren took some brave decisions and held on to make a draw after an endgame that stretched to six hours and 82 moves. Ian now leads 5:4 going into the final five games of the match, but Ding still has three games with the white pieces.

Date Event
7 April Opening ceremony
8 April Media day
9 April Game 1 (Draw)
10 April Game 2 (Win: Ian Nepomniachtchi)
11 April Rest day
12 April Game 3 (Draw)
13 April Game 4 (Ding Liren)
14 April Rest day
15 April Game 5 (Win: Ian Nepomniachtchi)
16 April Game 6 (Ding Liren)
17 April Rest day
18 April Game 7 (Win: Ian Nepomniachtchi)
19 April Rest day
20 April Game 8 (Draw)
21 April Game 9 (Draw)
22 April Rest day
23 April Game 10
24 April Game 11
25 April Rest day
26 April Game 12
27 April Game 13
28 April Rest day
29 April Game 14
30 April Tiebreaks
1 May Closing ceremony

World Chess Championship 2023 prize money pool distribution

If either player earns 7.5 or more points during the game’s conventional phase, the €2 million prize fund will be split, with €1.2 million going to the victor and €800,000 going to the runner-up. After 14 regular games, if the score is still tied, the tiebreaker winner will receive €1,100,000.

When & Where to Watch: live stream of World Chess Championship

On or their official YouTube channels, chess fans from all around the world may watch the live streaming of the 2023 World Chess Championship with expert commentary. The tenth round will begin at 9:00 GMT/2:30 PM IST on Sunday, April 23.

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