After Ding failed to win game ten of the 2023 FIDE World Chess Championship with white pieces, he is under pressure with only four rounds left and he must win at least one game to force a tiebreaker, we examine the results, score, game 11 date, schedule

The two most crucial things for Ding to do if he wants to build a comeback are rest and preparation after yet another draw in game 10. If things go smoothly in round 11, Nepomniachtchi will be confident about his chances to realize his dream of winning the chess world championship.

FIDE World Chess Championship 2023 game 11 schedule, game 10 results today, date, time, score, standings and live stream telecast

2023 FIDE World Chess Championship Round 10 result, match events, Round 11 schedule, date, time, venue, & format

GM Ding Liren tried hard to balance the deck by switching to the English Opening, but his opponent was up to the challenge and swapped into a drew rook endgame. With a current advantage of 5.5-4.5, Nepomniachtchi is two points away from winning the FIDE World Chess championship. Given that Ding admitted that Ian’s ninth move had come as a surprise, he actually did well to reach that superior endgame in Game 10. The game went on until move 45, when the players were down to bare kings.

Ding will now play with the black pieces in round 11, which many believe will be against him. On the other hand, he must be cautious not to exert too much pressure because a defeat would leave Nepomniachtchi in position to become the 17th World Chess Champion. To Ding’s credit, the world championship match has benefited from the surprise aspect, which has been both invigorating and exciting. Should another surprise succeed on Monday, he will tie Nepomniachtchi at 5.5-5.5.

Date Event
7 April Opening ceremony
8 April Media day
9 April Game 1 (Draw)
10 April Game 2 (Win: Ian Nepomniachtchi)
11 April Rest day
12 April Game 3 (Draw)
13 April Game 4 (Ding Liren)
14 April Rest day
15 April Game 5 (Win: Ian Nepomniachtchi)
16 April Game 6 (Ding Liren)
17 April Rest day
18 April Game 7 (Win: Ian Nepomniachtchi)
19 April Rest day
20 April Game 8 (Draw)
21 April Game 9 (Draw)
22 April Rest day
23 April Game 10 (Draw)
24 April Game 11
25 April Rest day
26 April Game 12
27 April Game 13
28 April Rest day
29 April Game 14
30 April Tiebreaks
1 May Closing ceremony

World Chess Championship 2023 prize money pool distribution

If either player earns 7.5 or more points during the game’s conventional phase, the €2 million prize fund will be split, with €1.2 million going to the victor and €800,000 going to the runner-up. After 14 regular games, if the score is still tied, the tiebreaker winner will receive €1,100,000.

When & Where to Watch: live stream of World Chess Championship

On or their official YouTube channels, chess fans from all around the world may watch the live streaming of the 2023 World Chess Championship with expert commentary. The eleventh round will begin at 9:00 GMT/2:30 PM IST on Monday, April 24.

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