The FIFA U20 World Cup is one of the most important events on the football calendar each year and here is all you need to know about the 2023 schedule and fixtures

The FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023 is scheduled to run from May 20 to June 11 following a particularly heated dispute with the host country.

Indonesia was originally slated to host the 23rd football tournament, but a historic decision was taken in response to criticism of Israel’s participation. Argentina is the new host country.

Despite failing to qualify for the CONMEBOL tournament, the famed Albiceleste was one of the 24 teams who took part in the U-20 World Cup. They have the most victories of any team in the league with six championships.

The U-20 World Cup is now ready to begin after FIFA’s draw in Zurich, Switzerland.

Here is all you need to know about the tournament, below:

FIFA U20 World Cup Argentina 2023: Schedule, date, fixtures, team, groups, host country, live steam telecast

Group A: Argentina, Uzbekistan, Guatemala and New Zealand

  • May 20: Argentina vs Uzbekistan and Guatemala vs New Zealand.
  • May 23: Argentina vs Guatemala and Uzbekistan vs New Zealand.
  • May 26: Argentina vs New Zealand and Guatemala vs Uzbekistan

Group B: United States, Ecuador, Fiji and Slovakia

  • May 20: United States vs Ecuador and Fiji vs Slovakia.
  • May 23: United States vs Fiji and Ecuador vs Slovakia.
  • May 26: United States vs Slovakia and Ecuador vs Fiji

Group C: Senegal, Japan, Israel and Colombia

  • May 21: Senegal vs Japan and Israel vs Colombia.
  • May 24: Senegal vs Israel and Japan vs Colombia.
  • May 27: Senegal vs Colombia and Japan vs Israel

Group D: Italy, Brazil, Nigeria and the Dominican Republic

  • May 21: Italy vs Brazil and Nigeria vs Dominican Republic.
  • May 24: Italy vs Nigeria and Brazil vs Dominican Republic.
  • May 27: Italy vs Dominican Republic and Brazil vs Nigeria.

Group E: Uruguay, Iraq, England and Tunisia

  • May 22: Uruguay vs Iraw and England vs Tunisia.
  • May 25: Uruguay vs England and Iraq vs Tunisia.
  • May 28. Uruguay vs Tunisia and Iraq vs England.

Group F: France, South Korea, Gambia and Honduras

  • May 22: France vs South Korea and Gambia vs Honduras.
  • May 25: France vs Gambia and South Korea vs Honduras.
  • May 28: France vs Honduras and South Korea vs Gambia.


  • Round of 16: May 29, May 30 and May 31.
  • Quarterfinals: June 2 and June 3.
  • Semifinals: June 6
  • Final: June 11.

When is the FIFA U-20 World Cup scheduled to begin?

Argentina is set to host the FIFA U-20 World Cup from May 20 to June 11.

What country will host the FIFA U-20 World Cup?

Despite all of the controversy with Indonesia, Argentina will host the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

The match will be held in Santiago del Estero’s Estadio Unico Madre de Ciudades Stadium, La Plata’s Estadio Unico Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, Mendoza’s Estadio Malvinas Argentinas Stadium, and San Juan’s Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario Stadium.

2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup live streaming and broadcasting details: Where to watch?

Fubo will get access to the FIFA U-20 World Cup (7-day free trial). Fox Sports and Telemundo are more possibilities if you don’t want to miss the competition in the US.


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