Dillian Whyte goes off on Martin Bakole

Following the incident between Dillian Whyte and Martin Bakole, a video of Whyte being interviewed by Polish TV has been circulating online.

In the video, Bakole can be heard shouting insults at Whyte from the sidelines as he gives his interview, causing Whyte to make startling statements in response.

“Shut up, you nonce, you f***ing pedophile,” shouted Whyte as the TVP Sports interviewer looked bemused.

Shockingly, he added, “This guy is a pedophile. He has sex with young kids.

Following Bakole’s victory over Ihor Shevadzutskyi in Rzeszow, the two boxers had a confrontation on the steps of the G2A Arena. A video surfaced on social media in which Whyte can be heard calling Bakole a pedophile.

Which is believed to stem from a Twitter exchange between the two in 2020. The incident led to Whyte challenging Bakole to settle their differences upstairs, but Bakole did not respond to the call-out.

The altercation was caught on video and quickly circulated on social media. The interview with Whyte on Polish TV was abruptly ended after he made the startling comment about Bakole.

During the interview, Whyte accused Bakole of being a pedophile. These allegations were related to a controversial video Bakole posted on his Twitter account in April 2020.

Dillian Whyte

The video depicted inappropriate content between a man and a child and was quickly deleted. But it had already been seen by some of his followers.

While the validity of Whyte’s accusations remains to be seen. He may find himself facing legal action if Bakole chooses to pursue the matter in court.

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