Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard may have the most honest take on the NFL pre-draft predictions.

On Friday, Ballard told NFL Network’s, Andrew Siciliano:

“Everybody’s lying. I might be the most honest, unfortunately. But everyone is lying.”

Ballard is referencing all of the mock draft predictions by NFL insiders as well as the hints that teams may be providing on who interests them.

Maybe he is trying to throw everyone off also since the Colts have the No. 4 overall pick in next week’s NFL Draft.

Many people have assumed that the Colts will take quarterback Will Levis.

Ballard is correct that no one is certain how the first three picks will go so the Colts being attached to a specific player who may or may not be available at number 4 is foolish.

He said:

“There’s always this assumption that we’ve targeted one player. This is the main assumption right now that we have targeted one guy to go get. I don’t know if that’s an accurate assumption.  Matter of fact, let’s say it’s not. I think you’ve got to wait until the draft. You can’t (decide) before the fact. You’ve got to wait until draft day and see how things unfold and then be able to react accordingly.”

How Will It Go?

Back to the frantic predictions, everyone is assuming that Bryce Young will be the No. 1 overall pick by the Carolina Panthers.

The Houston Texans and the Arizona Cardinals are the second and third teams in the current draft order.

There is no guarantee that those two will keep their positions.

They could trade down, and other teams can move up into those spots.

The Texans need a quarterback.

Could Levis be their choice?

There seems to be a lot of negative energy around C.J. Stroud in the past few days, whether rightfully or wrongfully applied, so it is a little confusing what happens with him.

Anthony Richardson is also another viable option for the Colts.

Ballard is right; there is plenty of smoke and mirrors happening right now.

The good news is that we are six days from finding out the truth; the NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 27.

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