Indian Instagram model Fiza Choudhary has had her video go viral

Online, people are upset about the video, and the model’s fans are looking for it, even though there is no clear proof that the video belongs to her.

Fiza Choudhary is a well-known social media star with more than 1.1 million Instagram fans and 14,000 YouTube subscribers. She is mostly famous on Instagram, where she posts pictures from her photoshoots. She has gained millions of fans who are crazy about her and follow her every move.

Instagram model Fiza Choudhary video and pictures go viral on Twitter, Reddit

But recently, many unofficial websites said that her movie was made public and is now being shared on social media. This news has shocked her friends and people who follow her on social media, who are now looking for the video, which is hard to find online.

Controversy surrounding alleged video of star Fiza Choudhary

Several websites that can’t be checked out say they have the video of Fiza, which is enough to make a lot of trouble. Since then, everyone wants to see this film. But no clear evidence has come out to show that the model is the one in the viral film.

People are upset online about the supposed movie, and they don’t like how it was shared without permission. Fans of Fiza Choudhary are also upset and angry about what happened, and many of them are wondering whether or not the supposed video is real.

A lot of people have also said that sharing these movies online is a clear invasion of privacy and should be strictly banned. Some people have even asked for civil action to be taken against the websites and people who share the video online without permission.

The case of Fiza Choudhary is not the first time that a famous Indian person has gotten into trouble because of tapes. In the past, videos of stars, models, politicians, and other famous people have been posted online in more than one case.

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