After a video of his supposed video chat with a woman went popular on social media, the Jharkhand BJP attacked the state’s Health Minister and Congress leader Banna Gupta very harshly.

The Minister, on the other hand, has quickly said that the supposed video chat is “fake and edited.” Here is all you need to know about the incident.

BJP demands action over purported viral video chat involving Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta

The BJP has shared the popular video clip of the Minister’s supposed video chat with the woman, saying that it shows what the Congress is really like. Nishikant Dubey, a BJP MP from Jharkhand, has asked for Gupta to step down and for the situation to be looked into.

The BJP’s spokesman in Jharkhand, Pratul Shahdeo, said that the Congress needs to explain what it thinks about the “obscene and objectionable” Banna Gupta video. “The viral video purportedly showing the Health Minister is highly objectionable. Though the veracity of the clip hasn’t been ascertained as yet, we want to know if it’s real or fake. Since he is a member of the state cabinet headed by the chief minister (Hemant Soren), it is the CM’s responsibility to order a probe to find out if the clip is real or fake,” Shahdeo said.

But he said that the Minister should step down right away if the supposed video turns out to be real. The state Health Minister has responded to the BJP’s “vindictive politics,” by saying that the alleged video is part of a “conspiracy” to hurt his reputation.

Congress party supports Health Minister Banna Gupta

The head of the Congress party said that the Banna Gupta video was “fake and edited” and said in a statement that he had already filed a FIR in the case. “A fake and edited video has been deliberately circulated on social media. It’s quite clear that the video is photoshopped or has been edited through any other editing app. I have already filed an FIR in the matter. I will pursue legal action against those behind this fake video,” he said.

The Congress party has also come out in support of Banna Gupta. The state Congress head and finance minister, Rameshwar Oraon, said that the party stands with Gupta. “It needs to be looked into. He has the support of the Congress. It’s a plan to hurt his reputation. “We will go to court,” he said.

This isn’t the first time that Indian lawmakers have been in trouble because of a video. In 2016, a video of Karnataka BJP MLA Raghupati Bhat watching p*rn on his phone went viral, which led to his removal. This year, a tape of Anil Deshmukh, who is the Home Minister of Maharashtra, came out in which he seemed to ask police officers to collect money for him.

How this video story will affect politics in Jharkhand is still unclear. For now, the BJP wants Banna Gupta to step down and an investigation into what happened, while the Congress stands by its Minister and says the video is fake. During the investigation, the truth will probably come out, and those who spread the video may be charged with a crime.

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