Lucknow, April 23 Students of the prestigious La Martiniere College will now learn Mallakhamba, a traditional sport in which a gymnast performs aerial yoga or gymnastics and wrestling grips on a vertical stationary wooden pole.

This is the first time that students of an English medium school will be learning this sport.

“The name Mallakhamba derives from the terms ‘malla’ meaning wrestler and ‘khamb’ which means a pole. Literally meaning “wrestling pole”, the term refers to a traditional training implement used by wrestlers,” said principal Carlyle McFarland in a post on the social media.

He said: “It will be open for the students from Class 6 onward. I am sure our sport-loving boys will enjoy this. One pole cost Rs 50,000. We are trying to introduce as many indigenous sports as possible. We already have Yoga, kabaddi and archery. We have a trained expert for Mallakhamba.”

“Mallakhamba gives your body the maximum amount of exercise in the minimum amount of time,” he said.

An expert in the discipline said: “Most modern-day fitness techniques have very short-term effects on your body. The physical benefits of Mallakhamba, on the other hand, last even after one stops practising it. It is time that the age-old sport be given its due importance.”

“The level of concentration involved in Mallakhamba is more than one has ever seen in any other sport,” said the expert, adding, in spite of its numerous benefits, awareness about the indigenous sport is lacking.

“It is also one of the most cost-effective forms of exercise. All you need is two mattresses and a wooden pole,” he added.


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