The NFL Draft is just days away, and every year the attention seems to focus on the quarterback class.

Ironically, a former NFL quarterback (and current ESPN analyst) Robert Griffin III (RGIII) believes the best player in the draft is not a quarterback.

He thinks Texas Longhorns running back Bijan Robinson is the best in the draft.

Robinson will not get drafted first overall for many reasons, but RGIII cites multiple reasons why Robinson is top-notch.

What RGIII Said About Bijan Robinson

RGIII called Robinson both a running and pass-catching back.

He is versatile in that he can run outside or up the middle.

And perhaps the most important quality is that he makes tacklers miss.

He has 183 broken tackles in his past two seasons.

RGIII Defends C.J. Stroud

RGIII did not hold back when discussing all the “ridiculous” negativity surrounding C.J. Stroud.

RGIII called the days leading up to the draft as “100% lying season.”

He said Stroud’s decision-making is “elite level.”

Stroud’s statistics on 3rd down with 85 conversions and just 7 sacks are part of the skill set he brings to the NFL.

RGIII also believes that Stroud can make both an immediate and a long-term contribution to an NFL team.

One famous NFL player jumped on RGIII’s video commentary of Stroud in instant agreement.

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons said:

“It’s no coincidence! They did the same thing with Justin Fields! We see how that turned out lol!”

A humorous side note about RGIII’s rant on C.J. Stroud is that it contained a funny Friends reference.

His wife Grete pointed out that Ross Gellar’s character used a similar phrase on the hit television show.

The Best Thing About NFL Draft Week

Opinions may vary on this, but one of the best things about NFL Draft Week is that the mock drafts will soon be replaced by actual events.

There will be no more speculation.

We will see how it unfolds live beginning Thursday night.

All of us can enjoy the 2023 NFL Draft events through Saturday and will have a week or so of respite before the first 2024 Mock Draft comes out.


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