You see, the whole reason I have no interest in concerts at halftimes or between periods of sporting events is that you never get it the other way. You never get a home run derby in the middle of the Oscars, or a penalty shootout during a break in the Emmy awards, or a free throw shooting contest after Blake Shelton performs at the CMAs.

But tonight we finally got it. We got a baseball game during intermissions of “Wild Wyoming Kington with Brandon Nimmo” quickly followed by “David Cone’s Chemistry Hour” on ESPN. I mean, there was a game in there somewhere. I think Francisco Lindor drove in a run, I’m fairly certain I saw Michael Conforto drop a ball to bring in a Mets run, and I’m fairly confident that Francisco Alvarez hit a home run at some point. I also seem to remember there being terrible umpires in this game. And Jeff Brigham made an appearance as the goofy neighbor. (He might have been played by Richard Kline.)

But I promise I’m an expert in the mating habits of steers, and I know how to create an incendiary substance with rosin and alcohol, because the baseball was played in between breaks of “Wild Wyoming Kington with Brandon Nimmo” and “David Cone’s Chemistry Hour”. So I’m not sure I can give you expert analysis of what went on Sunday night other than to say, once again, that the umpires were quite terrible. At least nobody was ejected this time. Oh, and that Tylor Megill had better get his act together.

Also, when Chemistry Hour was in break, Cone actually mentioned that Justin Verlander called Drew Smith’s fastball elite right before Yastrzemski drove in the winning run off his changeup. Smith can’t get beat on his second or third best pitch in that spot. However, he did … by Mike Yastrzemski for the game winning double in the 8th inning.

The good news is that the Mets torched Calfornia overall, going 7-3 on the road trip which unnecessarily sent them from Nothern California to Southern California and back to Northern California. But they’re tied for first place with Atlanta after they got swept by Houston. So it’s hard to get too upset right now even with everything swirling around the Mets. Hey, they’re surviving, as are we all. And hey: at least Major League baseball saw fit to give the Mets a night off after that dumb travel schedule.

But with the night off, I’ll need to find something to watch on television. I wonder if I can binge watch the series where Cone rubs rosin and alcohol on a steer. I think in the fifth episode, Joe Exotic guest stars to demonstrate the ghost fork to an ostrich.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Chemistry
  2. Roberto Ortiz
  3. Mike Yastrzemski
  4. Taylor Rogers
  5. Thairo Estrada

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