Tyreek Hill criticized Elon Musk for paying for Twitter Blue on behalf of LeBron James but not Patrick Mahomes, leaving the NFL’s top quarterback without a verified account. Find out who else received Twitter Blue at Musk’s own expense.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill took to Twitter to call out Elon Musk for not paying for Patrick Mahomes’ Twitter blue check.

When Elon Musk decided to implement Twitter Blue, which allowed users to pay a monthly subscription fee to become verified on the platform, several high-profile users admitted that they wouldn’t be paying for the service.

Among them, LeBron James was vocal about not being willing to pay for verification.

Instead of letting parody accounts take over Twitter, Musk recently admitted that he has been paying for some verified accounts himself, including LeBron’s blue check.

Patrick Mahomes Remains Unverified On Twitter

On the other hand, some other high-profile athletes have completely lost their Twitter verification.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is one of the many athletes that no longer has a blue check beside their Twitter handle.

Being a former teammate of Mahomes, Hill stepped in to defend his former quarterback.

“You paid for Bron but didn’t pay for the best QB in the NFL not to have a blue check”

Ironically, Hill was also among the many athletes that have not paid for Twitter Blue and did not receive a verified account courtesy of Musk.

Other NFL players, including Cincinnati Bengals WR Tyler Boyd were also affected by the change.

Will Musk Continue To Pay For Blue Checks?

Twitter users started to investigate Musk’s claims and found a few other celebrities that have been given a blue check as an act of goodwill.

In addition to LeBron James, Musk has also reportedly paid for Twitter Blue accounts for William Shatner and Stephen King.

While Musk could be helping to fend off impersonators and parody accounts, the Twitter owner could also be trolling some of the most outspoken antagonists.

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