Donald Trump was present for Jorge Masvidal’s final MMA fight. Masvidal recently explained why he was so appreciative of Trump that night during the octagon interview after his last UFC bout.

At UFC 287, the former president of the United States of America sat cage-side to take in the splendor of mixed martial arts. On April 8 in Miami, Donald Trump sat in the front row with Dana White to see the night’s thrilling actions. The night’s co-main event between Masvidal and Gilbert Burns apparently piqued Trump’s interest. 

The Miami native was a favorite of Trump, but Gamebred lost to Durinho in a decision. The BMF title winner praised former US President when he announced his retirement from the UFC, calling him “the greatest president in the history of the world,” despite the fact that Masvidal had failed to impress Trump with his mixed martial arts prowess that night. 

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What did Jorge Masvidal have to say about praising Donald Trump? 

Two weeks after the fight, Masvidal at long last revealed why he specifically praised Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that evening. Gamebred thanked Trump for everything he’s done for Florida in a recent interview with Fox News. 

“Thank God that I’m in the greatest country in the world. In the best state in the country. Florida. I’m biased, the best city in the world, Miami. I feel what Trump was doing was amazing. We’ve seen [that] now that the opposition’s taken over. We’ve seen what’s happened.” said Masvidal. 

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After losing for the sixth time in his previous nine fights and fourth time straight, Jorge’s UFC career came to an end. The 33-year-old fighter earlier accompanied Trump to a rally for promotional campaigning for the next election and seemed to be having a great time. Even if ‘John Barron’ probably wasn’t satisfied with Masvidal’s octagon performance, he made Trump happy through his constant support. 

“It’s amazing that we have all this freedom in liberty in Florida. We could go out there and make money and be involved in businesses. So, I just thank God. When I saw Trump there, I just had to say it out to the world.” Masvidal added.

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Trump’s intense interest in MMA was further commented on by Dana. The UFC president additionally indicated Masvidal and Colby Covington could be the 45th USA President’s favorite fighters in the organization.

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