After Game 3 of their first-round series, in which the Golden State Warriors beat the Sacramento Kings, fans of both teams got into a big fight outside the building with the video viral

Even though the Warriors were without Draymond Green because he was suspended and Gary Payton II because he was sick, they still won 114-97.

Steph Curry had the most points on the team with 36, six of which came from 3-pointers. When Game 4 is played on Sunday at Chase Centre, the Kings will still have a 2-1 lead.

Draymond Green didn’t play in the game because he was banned without pay for stepping on Domantas Sabonis’s chest in Game 2. He stayed at home to watch the game. Every time Sabonis touched the ball, people yelled. Even though the two teams didn’t like each other, the game went well, and the Golden State Warriors got a much-needed win.

Massive fight erupts between Kings and Warriors fans during game 3, video goes viral

But after the game, things got out of hand between the two groups of fans. Fans of the Kings and the Warriors got into a huge fight outside the building. This was caught on video and posted on Twitter. Several people were in the fight, and it took security a few minutes to break it up. It’s not clear what started the fight, but feelings were probably running high after the game.

Golden State Warriors fans bring energy to Game 3 win

Warriors fans were especially excited during the game. They wore yellow T-shirts that said “Gold Blooded” and beat on Thunderstix. Cowbells are not allowed at Chase Centre, so Kings fans were told to leave them at home. Even though there were rules, the Kings fans were still loud and enthusiastic throughout the game. They hope their team will get back on track in Game 4.

The Golden State Warriors will need to win Game 4 to even the series and keep from having to leave the playoffs too soon. They’ll have an edge because they’ll be playing at home, where they’ve been hard to beat this season. The team will need Curry, who has been their MVP all season, to have another great game.

Even though the two teams are fierce rivals, it’s important to remember that sports are for everyone to enjoy. Fans should be able to cheer for their teams without having to worry about getting hurt or being bothered. The NBA is responsible for making sure that its players and fans are safe, and it’s important that steps are taken to stop similar things from happening again.

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