During race three of the first weekend of the 2023 Italian F4 Championship at Imola, there was a big crash between Ugo Ugochukwu and Andrea Frassinetti with the accident video viral

At the start of the race, Ugo Ugochukwu’s car stopped while he was in the pole position, leaving his car still on the starting line. The other drivers had to swerve to miss Ugochukwu’s car, but Andrea Frassinetti was unable to get around it and hit the back wheels, sending his car into the air.

Frasinetti’s car flipped over several times before sliding along the track upside down. The Italian driver was saved from major injury by the halo safety device. Even though the crash was pretty bad, both drivers were unharmed because their cars had improved safety technology.

Ugo Ugochukwu and Andrea Frasinetti involved in horrific crash at Italian F4, accident video goes viral

In motorsport, the halo safety device has been a big change in recent years. It is meant to keep drivers’ heads from getting hurt in a crash. The halo is a ring-shaped device that is attached to the car’s chassis and sits over the driver’s head. Its job is to keep flying objects or another car from hitting the driver in the head during a crash.

Safety device praised by fans for saving lives in Italian F4 championship

Some fans and drivers have complained that the halo gets in the way of their view and makes the car heavier than it needs to be. But accidents like the one at Imola show how important the halo is for making sure cars are safe.

Racing fans took to social media to express their appreciation for the halo, with many praising the device for saving lives. One viewer tweeted, “Another day, another halo moment saves lives, thank you Jean Todt for inventing this.” Another added, “The halo is actually a godsend, no pun intended, I’ve lost count of how many drivers have been saved from serious injury or death.”

Prema Racing takes commanding lead in Italian F4 championship

Even though there was a scary crash and a red flag, the race went on, but Ugochukwu and Frasinetti were not able to take part. In the third race, Prema Racing’s Nicola Lacorte won, giving his team its third win of the weekend. After the first four races of the season, their strong showing has given them a 79-point lead over US Racing in the teams’ championship.

On May 6 and 7, 2023, the 2023 Italian F4 Championship will continue at the Misano World Circuit in Italy. The accident at Imola shows how dangerous motorsport can be and how important it is to put money into safety equipment to protect drivers.

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