Matthew Winder, an Australian guy who was 31 years old, was found dead in the detention room at Phuket Patong Police Station, know his cause of death

Winder was in Phuket, a popular vacation spot, for five days to get more face tattoos. He was supposed to fly back to Australia on Tuesday.

31 year old Matthew Winder was arrested early yesterday morning for being drunk and rude, which was confirmed by the police. There are different stories about whether he was caught at a pub on Bangla Rd or in front of the house where he was staying on Patong Beach Rd. Winder was being held in a cell on the second floor of the police station.

Who is Australian Matthew Winder found dead in Phuket, Thailand prison: Bio, age, cause of death

At 5:45 a.m., the police got a report that a foreigner who was drunk or high was shouting and upsetting guests at a hotel on Thaweewong Road in the Kathu area. The director of the Patong Police Station, Pol. Col. Sujin Nilbadi, and the deputy superintendent, Pol. Lt. Col. Somphon Surin, went to look into it.

Australian tourist Matthew Winder dies in custody at Patong Police Station

The police say that the Australian was taken to the Patong Police Station and put in the detention cell, which is a place where people are locked up alone, to calm down.

Around 11:30 a.m. yesterday, the officer on duty left for lunch. Authorities say that when he got back, Matthew Winder was hanging from the iron bars by a piece of cloth. The police say that Winder was alone in the cell when he died. Police say that he used the rope from his shorts to hang himself.

The police say that when they watched the CCTV video, they saw Winder, who was alone in the room, beg for help before hanging himself with the rope from his shorts. The reason for his death is still being looked into, and an autopsy will be done to find out the real reason.

Australian’s death in custody raises concerns about treatment of foreigners

Matthew Winder’s death has made people worry about how Thai prisons treat outsiders. It is not clear if he got good medical care while he was being held. The Australian Embassy in Bangkok has been told about what happened, and Winder’s family is getting help from the embassy.

Australians living in Thailand were shocked to hear about Winder’s death. Friends and family of Winder have talked about how sad and shocking it is that he died so young.

Winder loved to travel and had been to many places all over the world. He was known for loving tattoos, and while he was in Phuket, he added to his collection of face tattoos. He was said to be a free spirit who loved to try new things and learn about other countries.

Uncertainty surrounds cause of Matthew Winder’s death in Thai custody

The reason why Matthew Winder died of arrhythmia is still a secret, and his family is still trying to deal with his death. The Australians who live in Thailand are saddened by the death of Winder, and many have shared their thoughts and memories of him on social media.

The event has also made people wonder how Thai people treat tourists from other countries. People have been worried about the conditions in Thai jails and the care they get while they are there. The authorities have promised the public that they will look into the case thoroughly and take the right steps to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

The Australian Embassy in Bangkok has told all Australians who travel to Thailand to be aware of the local rules and customs and to ask for help if they need it. They have also told Winder’s family and friends how sorry they are and are giving them the help they need during this hard time.

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