An Idaho junior basketball coach who is headquartered in Boise has been jailed after being accused of r*ping a student, know who is Eric McDermott

Boise-based Idaho junior basketball coach was detained after being accused of raping a male student.

A preliminary hearing in the sexual assault case is planned for Thursday at 8:30 AM. The location will be the Ada County courthouse.

Who is Eric McDermott Fairmont Junior High school Boise, Idaho basketball coach jailed for r*ping studnet

Who is Eric McDermott

Eric McDermott, a coach and instructor at a high school, is currently being investigated for allegedly raping a male student. He was taken into custody on Monday and might face serious penalties if found guilty.

Many NBA fans are familiar with a player with the same last name. Doug McDermott, a forward for the San Antonio Spurs, is 31 years old. However, there is no evidence connecting him to the scandalous high school coach.

The instructor is accused of engaging in indecent or lewd behaviour while r*ping and s*xually assaulting a minor between the ages of 16 and 17.

McDermott is being held in custody at the Ada County Jail right now on a $1 million bail.

Eric McDermott, 59, was accused by his school of s*xual assault

Eric McDermott, a native of Meridian, Idaho, is a high school coach. He coached the boys basketball team at Fairmont Junior High in Boise while working there.

He was identified as a geography teacher for the eighth grade on the school’s website.

According to Idaho Statesman, the teacher is accused of molestation of a teenager. The two have maintained communication ever since McDermott approached the teenager on a dating website when he was 15 years old.

After the teenager received the accused’s naked photographs, McDermott allegedly sexually assaulted him. These are serious claims, which is why the 59-year-old teacher was placed on leave.

The Boise School District released a statement regarding McDermott’s arrest. He has worked with many children over his career, so this was shocking news for the parents.

Boise School District’s released statement read:

We understand that this news will raise concerns about student safety and we want to assure our families that the District is full cooperating with law enforcement and prosecutors as they investigate this matter.”

There aren’t many other facts regarding Eric McDermott’s private or professional life that are available to the general public.

The victim of the sexual assault, however, reportedly went to his class when the victim was 15 years old. The instructor had never spoken to the victim before.


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