Kimesha Williams is the eldest sister of Kawhi Leonard, find out more about her background, criminal history, and update in 2023

Kimesha Williams, the sister of Kawhi Leonard, was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole for allegedly murdering an elderly woman at a casino in 2019.

Her arrest stems from the murder case of 84-year-old Afaf Assad, who, along with her husband, reportedly came to Pechanga Resort Casino when Kawhi Leonard’s sister and her friend, Candace Townsell, were already there.

Who is Kimesha Williams elder sister of Kawhi Leonard give life sentence in latest update: Bio, age, height, family

It was said that Assad entered a washroom carrying a purse containing $1,000. Due to this, Kimesha followed her into the restroom while Townsell kept watch outside. One witness, who was in a different restroom stall, heard a bang before Williams and Townsell left.

Afterward, the 84-year-old woman was discovered unconscious and severely injured by the witness and a restroom attendant. Due to the excessive blood loss, Assad died in the hospital four days after the theft, having fractured her skull.

However, Kimesha Williams has refuted the claims and penned the following statement, which was sent to The Press-Enterprise:

I am so sorry for your loss. I have been praying for you and your family every day. I am not responsible for the death of Mrs. Assad. Although the courts have found me guilty of the charges, we all know the truth, and that there is one judge, and that is God, and that he knows the truth.

Due to all this, Kimesha Williams has become a hot topic of discussion, with many people trying to find out more about her. So, here’s what we know about her:

Who is Kimesha Williams?

Kimesha Williams is renowned for being the older sister of Kawhi Leonard, a well-known American basketball player. She has been in the news because she was given a life sentence for murdering Afaf Anis Assad.

Her full name is Kimesha Monae Williams. She was born on July 31, 1981, in Riverside, California. Her father’s name is Mark Leonard, and her mother’s name is Kim Robertson. She also has three younger sisters and one younger brother. Her brother is Kawhi Leonard, who is a renowned basketball player.

Her height is 6 feet 2 inches, and her weight is 320 pounds. She is currently 41 years old.

Kimesha Williams has a tumultuous history and has been charged with many charges of relatively minor theft in the past. Until 2019, her offenses were restricted to very minor ones.

However, in 2019, she was charged with murdering the 84-year-old Afaf Anis Assad. Now, in 2023, she received a life sentence together with her suspected accomplice, Candace Tai Townsel.

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