Lucero Acosta is a Mexican MMA fighter who has been making waves in the MMA world ever since her debut, and currently as a model as well, find out more about her below along with her age, height and record

Lucero Acosta currently competes in the women’s flyweight division of Combate Global, an American MMA sports franchise and media company.

Who is MMA fighter and OF model Lucero Acosta: Bio, age, height, record and Twitter

The rising fighter has quite the social media following online aside from her fame in the MMA world.

Lucero Acosta brief bio and career

Lucero Acosta is a Mexican MMA fighter originally from Tijuana, but fights out of El Centro, California. She is a member of Team United Training Center and competes in Combate Global in the flyweight division. Acosta had a tough childhood growing up and eventually decided to pursue a career in combat sports.

While Growing up Acosta suffered domestic violence but she managed to overcame her fears by learning self-defence techniques. Acosta began boxing aged 14 and learning martial arts helped her feel like a completely different woman while also physically preparing her for life’s challenges.

Acosta has since continued to improve her skills and eventually made the transition into MMA after her coaches told her about better opportunities for her in combat sports.


Lucero Acosta is currently 28 years old.

“La Loba”

AGE 28 / Aug 23, 1994
HEIGHT 5’6″ / 167.64 cm
WEIGHT 125 lbs / 56.7 kg

Fight record

So far, Acosta has a professional fight record of 3-2. Two of her wins came via decisions and one by a TKO.

Lucero Acosta nickname

Throughout her career, Lucero quickly rose through the ranks and her aggressive fighting style earned her a cool nickname. Acosta has been nicknamed as ‘La Loba’ in Mexican, which literally translates to “The Wolf”. The nickname refers to Acosta as the aggressive one, the one that enters howling.

Acosta herself previously said:

“It [the nickname] refers to the aggressiveness with which I entered.”

Instagram and Onlyfans

Acosta currently has quite a large following on Instagram with over 235k followers to her Instagram account, (@loba_acosta_). Acosta earned the large following base by celebrating her body with lingerie snaps, which always tend to leave her fans in awe. The attention from her fans eventually led her to OF where she often posts some content for her subscribers.

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