Know the age, biography and parents of Tabassum Shaik from Karnataka

A Muslim girl from Karnataka chose education over the burkha system and traditions, which stopped many girls from getting a basic education.

Muslim girls’ voices are suppressed and go unheard in their families for basic rights and education. One such father fought against the odds.

Tabassum Shaik who topped Karnataka 2nd PUC exams says she preferred to choose education over hijab, father said its important to follow law of the land.

On April 21, 2023, the results for the second PUC were announced.

Who is Tabassum Shaik Karnataka 2nd PUC exams topper: Biography, age, parents, school, religion

The first rank was clinched by an 18 year old Muslim girl, Tabassum Shaik, who received 593 points out of 600 in the arts stream. She achieved a perfect score of 100 in Hindi, psychology, and sociology out of all of this. She is a student of the Nagarathnamma Meda Kasturiranga Setty Rashtreeya Vidyalaya, or NMKRV.

Tabassum Shaik stated in a television interview regarding her academic accomplishments that she preferred to choose “Education Over Hijab.”

Last year, the Karnataka High Court upheld a government decree requiring students to adhere to the campus dress code and forbidding religious garbs like the burqa or hijab. As a result of being pushed to abide by the court’s order, several Muslim students boycotted taking exams and protested the verdict in the streets, while others wore hijabs and skull caps to class. However, Tabassum Shaik made the decision to put education before politics and the accompanying protests and turmoil across the state.

She said in an interview, “In college, I made the decision to stop wearing the hijab in order to focus on my studies.” “For education, we will have to make certain sacrifices.”

Education Made Its Way Through Progressive Parents

She made the decision to cease wearing the hijab because she wanted to pursue her education further and because of the lessons she had learned from her parents about following the law.

Tabassum’s parents reportedly gave her decision and efforts to pursue her education their full support. According to her father, Abdul Khaum Shaik, it’s crucial to “obey the law of the land. Children should place more importance on their education.

Tabassum declared that she would abide by any directives given by the authorities. She would put on her hijab to go to college and take it off for class. She was also awarded the topper by the principal.

Hijab Dispute in Karnataka

After eight Muslim girls were sent away from classes at a college in Udupi because they were wearing hijabs, the hijab controversy in Karnataka created a mess within the state. 

Personal Choice Over The Nations Constitution

The girls started protesting and rioting to allow the burqa in school. According to them, the civil code and constitution stand nowhere in front of their religion. The feud started in the first week of January of last year. The college administration had advised that the hijab was not required as part of the students’ required uniform attire.

The Muslim girls petitioned the High Court for permission to attend lessons while wearing hijab because they were adamant about doing so. 

They claimed that donning the headscarf was both an “integral practise of Islam” and their “fundamental right.” 

Since the girls were supported by both religious parties and international power, their demands resulted in stone-throwing and acts of violence within the states. Several institutions and regions were affected.

According to earlier reports, after meeting the Campus Front of India (CFI), the student arm of the Islamist group Popular Front of India (PFI), in October 2021, students started to wear the hijab to schools and colleges. The students acknowledged speaking with the CFI.

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