Malayalam actors Sumi Rashik and Vishnu K Vijayan recently shared a music video ad on Instagram to extend Ramzan (Eid-ul-Fitr) wishes to their fans

A shot by Juneberry Bridal Makeover and Kcaptures has sparked controversy for allegedly normalizing the phenomenon of love jihad. Vishnu K Vijayan is a part of this video.

Many netizens took to social media to express their outrage and criticism towards the video, citing specific scenes they believe depict religious conversion in a subliminal manner.

Who is Tamil actor Vishnu K Vijayan who promoted love jihad in Juneberry Bridal Makeover ad video by Kcaptures

Vishnu K Vijayan career

Vishnu K Vijayan is a well-known Indian actor who works in Tamil movie industry. He has worked in movies like Bheemante Vazi and Thotakkal Poovachu. He is having 10k Instagram followers.

Vishnu K Vijayan’s latest news

The music video features actress Sumi Rashik as a Hindu woman in love with Vishnu K Vijayan, who portrays the role of a Muslim man. The video portrays Vijayan, one of the Malayalam actors, wearing traditional Islamic attire including a black kurta pajama and a Kufi, which is an Islamic prayer cap. He is shown performing Namaz.

The girl dressed in a red and yellow South Indian-style lehnga choli peeps into the room. Later, Sumi Rashik changes into a Salwar Kameez gifted to her by her Muslim boyfriend. In the subsequent scene, the Hindu girl walks up to her Muslim boyfriend while donning the outfit that he had gifted her. The man drapes the girl’s dupatta on her head like a veil and removes the bindi (a Hindu symbol worn on the forehead), which has sparked controversy.

The concept of love jihad has been a controversial and divisive topic in India, with allegations and debates about the alleged conversion of Hindu women to Islam by Muslim men in the name of love. While some consider it a genuine issue of concern, others dismiss it as a figment of right-wing imagination.

However, the controversy surrounding love jihad has led to polarized opinions, with some communities expressing fear and suspicion towards interfaith relationships, while others advocating for the right to choose one’s partner irrespective of religion.

Critics of the concept of love jihad argue that it is a baseless conspiracy theory that promotes Islamophobia and division among communities. They believe that individuals should have the freedom to choose their partners based on mutual consent and that interfaith marriages are a personal choice that should not be viewed through a religious lens.

Netizens’ response

The music video has received severe criticism from netizens on Instagram and Twitter. Many expressed the opinion that the scenes depicting the removal of the bindi and the draping of the dupatta on the Hindu girl’s head are subliminal depictions of religious conversion.

Several netizens called out the video for normalizing the phenomenon of love jihad, where Hindu women are allegedly converted to Islam to marry Muslim men. Some comments on Instagram and Twitter condemned the glorification of religious conversion in the name of love and expressed concern over the portrayal of Hindu girls being transformed into Muslim girls by their Muslim partners.

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