A TikTok user Jackie La Bonita found herself in the spotlight after calling out two girls for reportedly mocking her at a baseball game in a viral video

Every week, new content goes viral whether it is related to a challenge or viral video, and gains attention on famous social media platforms like TikTok. A TikToker named Jackie La Bonita became a part of social media debate after she hit back at a few girls who reportedly made fun of her at a recent Houston Astros game.

The video has made a number of people curious to know more about Jackie.

Who is TikTok star Jackie La Bonita mocked by girls during Houston Astros game in viral video

Jackie Bonita career and social media

Jackie La Bonita is a public figure and also a content creator on TikTok who hails from Texas, with a fanbase of over 248.6k followers. She has more than 12 million likes on her videos on TikTok. Jackie La Bonita describes herself as a silly Scorpio who lives in Texas and is a video creator on Instagram to her 28,000 followers.

Her TikTok includes a description of “a girl from Texas who is having a shopping problem” and her profile features shopping hauls, makeup, and also some hairstyle videos. Her viewers are mainly teenage girls and they enjoy her content.

Jackie La Bonita TikTok video

Jackie Bonita came under the radar when she revealed that two random girls made fun of her in a recent Houston Astros game.

TikToker uploaded a video of herself when Jackie was posing to take pictures at baseball games when one of the girls in the background started laughing and did some funny poses.

TikToker told in her video: “Watch my confidence disappears after these random girls make fun of me for taking pics.”

Later a girl pointed at Jackie, who further continued to pose and filmed herself and said something to her friend. After a moment, the footage shows two girls in the background doing silly faces and laughing while Jackie looked uneasy about the situation. Later on, Jackie turned off her comments on the viral video.

She has uploaded pictures from the game and captioned them, “Sporty spice.”

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